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Worst possible Ways your Best-Friend or Friend can Destroy your Trust in a matter of seconds


We all have been looking for people to become our Friends and trust each other no matter what the reason is, but sometimes when a situation arises your so called Friend or Best friend can betray your trust easily in a matter of seconds. Here are some real life situations that might relate to some instances of your life when you lose Trust.


  1. Sabotage your Dreams : Consider when your Friend took away your chances of Achieving your Dream job for himself, Make your idea look dumb and deny it and later your steals for himself. How will you feel about that ? Think.268226_212162325496627_190279651018228_573351_4579451_n1.jpg
  2. Teaming up with your rivals : YES, some Movie scenes do relate in real life also. Your friends might just show you a life lesson of  “Never to Trust Anybody !” These type of friends are called BackStabbers and if you are still following them then, Good Luck with that !07012016084520ann-2-statesman-copy-600x0.jpg
  3. Making others avoid you : Did your friend just teamed up with other guy and is mocking you ? We feel you. It is so much humiliating and plus your friend is just shamelessly laughing at you.Unknown.jpg
  4. Same crush or love triangle : Have you ever had crush on a boy/girl in school or college of which that same type of crush your friend too had, then he will try every possible way to hurt your feelings and try to get attention of your crush out of jealousy and hatred.1b5f51db7f2173b564ae84403fd3488f.jpg
  5. Money Badger Friends : These are the friends which are always around you when you have lots of money in your pocket, they don’t care for you but for your money only. When you are in need of it they will just show you their backs instead. Avoid these type of friends.mafioso-money-and-friends-dont-mix_kzmp.jpg


So, avoid these type of friends and situations because friend is someone who loves you and cares for you and will always be with you in every situation.

 “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.”


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