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WhatsApp LoopHole ! (Trick to Read Deleted Messages)


Still overjoyed about Whatsapp’s new Delete Message feature ? Well, you are actually missing something here. It does come with a lot of help from the fact that you can delete your problematic messages that were sent by mistake.

BUT do you know that there is a way another person might be able to read those deleted messages easily using nothing but a simple security loophole that i think Developers forgot to mention or solve.

A feature which enables you to delete messages for everyone in a conversation within 7 minutes is no more safe and secure.

Notification Log is the Key !

First spotted by a Spanish publication Android Jefe, this individual bug has been related to the notifications we see on receiving a new WhatsApp message in Android smartphones. It has been found that the deleted message’s notification still exists on the device even after the message is recalled by the sender. This is because the sent messages are stored in the notification log of the Android system.

Image Credit/Source : beebom

How to Implement it ?

If you are a Stock Android user then, you can simply create a shortcut of notification Log in your home screen. Else you can download Third party apps for it – Nova launcher, Notification log manager etc. There are plenty of apps for this specific purpose now.

Limitations to retrieve messages

  • Only messages that have already been seen or interacted with can be retrieved (for example, if notification is discarded or the notification bar or floating notification is removed, even if the message has NOT been opened ). Only when the system detects these events does it save the message in the registry. Otherwise, replace the message with the message “This message has been deleted.”
  • Only the first 100 characters of the deleted message will be visible (approximately).
  • The notification log usually only saves notifications for a few hours. In addition, it is deleted when the phone is restarted. You can not see messages before the restart.
  • Applicable on Android 7 and we believe that in higher versions. We have tested it on Android 6, and although this system has the option of notification history, we have not been able to see the content of those notifications. But go ahead, try it!
  • It only works with messages that have generated a notification on the phone. That is, you can not retrieve received messages while you were on the screen AND open the chat with the other person (condition that does not generate notifications).
  • You can recover text only. The photos can not be recovered. The positive thing is that if it was a photo, you will know it because in the registration of the notification it will appear as such. If it was a text, “This message was deleted” will appear, which is the generic warning that WhatsApp shows, be it text or multimedia what was deleted.

This is a Huge Security loophole as Whatsapp does not allow us to recall the Messages that are stored in the notification menu. People might be carefree about this and might even be blackmailed by any Hacker or by person who has access to their phone, as sensitive information might get leaked. What do you think about this Problem ? Please Comment down below.




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