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Popular Messaging app WhatsApp To Be Banned !


WhatsApp Ban 

Popular Instant messaging app WhatsApp to be banned in CHINA. As it was already trying to keep up for it’s existence in china ever since July month, when Chinese government blocked it’s users from sending and receiving, photos and videos over the app.

The Reason Behind Ban !

Well it appears that china is preparing for major Communist Party gathering next month due to which they have tighten censorship by largely blocking Facebook-owned WhatsApp in it’s latest step.

WhatsApp No Longer Works In The Country At All !

However, WhatsApp users on international SIM cards and data plans have not experienced the same problems. The restrictions appears to specifically target China-based users only.

Also Even China’s internet regulator did not respond to about the situation according to CNN. Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to make Facebook available again in china now looks even Harder.

People Use VPN To Avoid The Ban But !

Some people access these services through virtual private networks, or with tools that disguise internet traffic to circumvent censorship. But the Chinese government has been cracking down on VPNs for like 12 months now and are actually targeting those VPN providers without license.

Earlier this month, WeChat, a popular chat service with hundreds and millions of users in China, notified customers about its policies to comply with government requests for information.

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