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Will Touchscreen Technology still exist in after next Decade (10 years) ? Alert for Smartphone Industry !


Yes, you read the title right. There will be no more touchscreen in next 10 years ,sounds sad isn’t it ? Well that’s not because it will be replaced with some other technology but instead it’s because the element used in touchscreen is running out.


We all use smartphones,tablets,touchscreen LCD Displays and what not that contains touchscreen.We are dependent on it like for many years and now if someone just asks us to stop using the touchscreen devices we would call that person an idiot, actually we are going to be next idiots(pardon me).


Your average smartphone contains over half of the earth’s elements. Apart from which there is one single metal with magical properties know as INDIUM ,a rare metal with some amazing properties most suitable to be used in our flat screens and touchscreen. Amazingly it can turn into liquid form easily.

Touchscreens are basically made from the mixture of these metals know as Indium,Oxygen and Tin together they make Indium Tin Oxide. Touchscreen technology has become critical to our economy.


Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is one of the most widely used transparent conducting oxides because of its two main properties: its electrical conductivity and optical transparency, as well as the ease with which it can be deposited as a thin film.

But if you calculate then there is only tiny percentage of Indium used in our smartphone screen with like 0.02 grams to be exact. But every year we buy like billions of smartphones. So, basically we need like 700 tonnes of Indium to be used in our flat screens,smartphones,tablets and other devices every year.

But there is a problem : According to the us geological survey 2008 estimated that there is only 16,000 tonnes of Indium available ! So, if this fact is right then the rate we are using Indium , we would be running out of it in nearly 10 years or a Decade.





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