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Top Real Strange Creatures With Mind Blowing Capabilities


World is not what we see through our eyes it is very strange and full of surprises. There exist some types of creatures that can go Invisible. These creatures live inside the deepest area of the earth that is “Deep Sea“. We haven’t even yet discovered it fully and yet it shows us monsters that are truly alien like and with amazing qualities. Be amazed !


Glass Octopus 


In the ocean animals have two choices if they want to hide or attack. Glass Octopus that live in the deep ocean close to the seafloor can blend in with sand or rocks. Plus the effect of being invisible can help them to blend much faster with the surroundings unlike the octopus that live in upper layer of ocean which use colour changing skin. They live in very high pressure environment and rely on small sea animals as their appetite. It is almost completely invisible to predators except for its digestive system, optic nerves and eyes.


Glass Squid 


Glass Squid’s body is entirely transparent, their large eyes are opaque, which is a problem as predators swimming below can easily see the shadow they cast. However they use a clever form of camouflage to hide them. It uses photophores – to produce light in a trick called counter-illumination. This light looks very similar to the sunlight filtering down from above, so it makes the squid completely invisible to predators swimming below it. However the light could make the squid very conspicuous to viewers looking at it from other angles.


The Deep Sea Worm 


This genus, or group of marine worms are almost completely transparent, making them very difficult for predators to see. Some tomopteris worms can even distract predators by releasing a glowing part of their body, Hence making the predator chase after the dispelled body part rather than the worm itself.




Sometimes being transparent isn’t enough, and organisms need other tricks up their sleeve to remain invisible. This is certainly the case for the Hyperiid, a little crustacean bearing a resemblance to a shrimp. They are able to hide from predators by being transparent. The legs of one species were covered in tiny nano sized hair-like protuberances. They might look creepy and Disgusting but are very clever animals.


Which of the above animals look creepy according to you ? Comment down below 


  1. Yikes, they all look pretty scary, but especially the hyperlid. I’m sure they’re wonderful creatures, but I’ll take dolphins over those guys any day 🙂

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