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Why Time Flies so quickly ? Do we need to Change our Mindset and way of handling Time ?


Time is everlasting and it cannot be controlled by one’s own will. Every creature is influenced by it, some say that not even god holds the power to control harnessing of it’s power. It is like a river that flows endlessly, there is no start or end of time. Consider it as a dimension  which is different from ours but still we experience and feel it passing by.


Now why time is passing so fast ? – to answer this question we have a very interesting theory. We humans are emotional being that are constantly in search for fun and excitement in our life. We tend to forget little things in matter of seconds.

Consider when you are in good mood and having fun with your colleagues, are you certain of every second you spend having fun or even you care what time is it on your clock ? No, right !


Now consider when you are bored and not having fun, at that particular time you are constantly thinking about every second that is passing by due to boredom and checking your clock every 5 seconds.

So, as a result you are just unaware of it while you are having fun and as a result time flies faster than what it actually is according to you.


To put more information about it than your mind is actually working and thinking about every joke your friend cracks therefore you are not concern about it but when you are bored at that time your mind is empty because of which you think that time is crawling slowly, isn’t it ?

Take a note of it – It passes mostly slow when you’re in physical, mental, or emotional pain. 

Exactly !

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.

At the end it’s only perception of your surroundings that is affecting you to think that it is slow or fast. Time is same for everyone, it is us who define it as in numbers and work according to it.

How do i make myself aware of it ? 


The answer is Time Management ! Have a break from daily routine and think about what you are doing, question yourself and reflect upon it. Our life in the 21st century is extremely fast. We are rushing to keep up, forgetting about enjoying life and make it more awesome. Change your mindset and try to complete every work in time while taking 5 minutes of break every now and than.

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