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10 Things You Should Never Ever Do !


Things that we do or not, have equal effect on the society. So, watch your steps about the things that you do because it does matter with respect to the things enlisted here. 

Science Of Thinking Before Acting !

So, without wasting time. Let’s see 

  • Never Ever Share Your Secrets to your Newly made      friends : Because admit it, you have no information about his/her character and who knows it might backfire you or Your friend might use it for other purposes ! Even enemies would be nice choice then these types of friends. You getting me ?

  • Never Ignore Anyone’s Advice : Even the Simplest of Advice might help you in the long run. Never Ignore, what if someone else also starts ignoring you ? You feel it right ? Good !
  • Stop Acting Like A Rebel : People Hate it literally.

  • When People claim they personally know “God” : Well this is kinda Spiritual and off the topic. But of course there are many Fake scammers claiming it, while the genuine ones are just observing and are real ones. NEXT !

  • Ketchup : Yes some people hate it ! Stop putting ketchup on every food item you see. I know it taste good but that does not mean you would forget the Original Taste of it !

  • Stop Irritating People : Never create a situation where your loved ones would be irritated by your presence ! It destroy’s family bonding !

  • When People Say today’s young people are the Worst : Well don’t get me wrong but our generation certainly has it’s faults. However, we definitely are not worse than our previous generations !


  • Overconfidence ! : You might have heard it before that people with extra juice, end up being a joke ! So don’t try to over do it.

  • Never Underestimate Anyone (KARMA) : Never just Never because Karma is well you know.

  • Never Judge People By their Looks and Shape : Simply, never judge people around you ! It hurts them and Also prepare for a Big Revenge upcoming from them as well ! 

Well see you can also add up any points left out by me.



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