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Science of Finding Lost things


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Have you ever wondered why things get lost ? People tend to forget their most important things at a particular time only when they need it most. Well need not to worry because this article is just for that.

How to find lost things : Don’t get so tensed up while finding your lost item. You should keep in mind that it was not your mistake instead it is the way it is now that you have lost your thing. The most important thing to keep in mind that it is not lost but the way you are finding your thing is unsystematic and wrong.


Below are some things to keep in mind and principles that will help you to find your things easily next time you mess it up:

1.Don’t get frantic about that thing and Don’t keep searching around for hours.

2.Calm your mind and think properly where you last saw it. Take it as a Treasure hunt game with your family or friends.

3. If everything is in it’s respective place then nothing will be lost.

4. Make your way of keep things to be more systematic and in order. So,your car keys,mobile charger should be assigned a particular space in your house.

5. The most sarcastic thing is it’s not the object that is LOST but you are LOST.

6. Always remember the three C’s : Be confident, calm and comfortable while looking.

7. Look once but Look well.

8. Most funny thing is you are actually looking right at it.

9. The camouflage effect : It becomes hidden due to some other object placed above it. Make sure to look  below different things.

10. Retrace the path that you are looking for.

Did you find your thing ? Next time you lost anything make sure to recall all the points again. And if you won’t find it then put everything aside take a Chill and just relax , it will eventually be found at another time while you are searching for any different object. Cheers !



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