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Removing Ransomeware virus and its effects in Windows !


As there is no guarantee of the locked data even after paying ransom to the hackers there is one last thing you should do as an escape route from ransomware virus if you are hit.

To remove ransomeware virus completely from your device follow these steps :

  1. Remove internet lan cable from your PC.
  2. Change Date and Time any of the day before the attack.
  3. Open explorer window and search in My Computer “.tasks he.exe”.
  4. Delete this file. If it says access denied then Cut it and paste inside Recycle bin.
  5. Even if it Doesn’t then restart your pc.
  6. Login to administrator account and try again to delete it.
  7. Or while restart press F8 key repeatedly and navigate to safe mode and then delete that file. (remember you will need delete it immediately or else this won’t work)
  8. Ultimately clear history in temp folder and browser too.
  9. To delete /temp folder files —-press (windows key) + R.
  10. Write %temp% and then hit enter now delete all the files inside that pop up window.
  11. Also remember to shift Delete “.tasks he.exe” file.
  12. Shutdown your computer and wait for some time.
  13. Start again with internet cable plugged in this time.
  14. Change your Desktop password and all the email address password also.
  15. Run or install latest anti virus just to be sure.
  16. And install latest Microsoft Updates in your PC.


Forward this guide to as many people as this can save them lot of resources and time.

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