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PROJECT SOLI : Most Amazing Project By GOOGLE !


Google’s Project Soli ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AND PLATFORMS TEAM (ATAP) always surprise everyone with it’s amazing innovations. It is one of the most amazing project by google.

Project soli is a new gesture-recognition based on radar. It consist of a very small, high speed sensors and data analysis techniques such as Doppler, can detect fine motions with sub millimeter accuracy.

Project Soli enable a user to issue a comand by rubbing a thumb and forefinger together in a pre defined patterns. This project is headed by Ivan Poupyrev . The Project Soli was announced at Google I/O 2015.

Google created a small radar chip that can fit into wearables – to allow more fluid, human interaction with wearables such as smartwatch for gesture control.

The Soli sensor is capable of interpreting objects postion and motion even through other objects, mak8ng it perfect for developing a sensor that can be embedded in different kinds of device like smartphones.

Radar Sensors and Algorithmic Interpretation

Minute Gesture Control

Rubbing thumb with forefinger:

Rubbing thumb across pointer knucle simulates dragging a screen :

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