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Nissan’s Robotaxis to Be Tested for trials on Streets in March Next Year


“Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn set an aggressive goal by saying the company would produce self-driving cars by 2020

The Concept of Self Driving Cars have gained much attention in the year 2017 as the demand of safety and public welfare have been increased dramatically. The accidents caused by harsh driving like Drink & Drive and many other factors leading to Public Damages. However, to overcome this many multinational companies have come up with a solution to provide less accident prone streets. 

Then comes the concept of Self Driving cars which would definitely help solving human errors in Driving sector by completely removing driver as a person.

Japanese based automobile manufacturer Nissan revealed that they will be testing out their robotaxis on Japanese streets in March 2018. To build the Cars they have teamed up with DeNa Co technological company. Nissan and DeNA started collaborating to develop a new mobility service that uses autonomous driving technology in January 2017.

The public field test will take place in the Minatomirai district of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan from March 5, 2018, to March 18, 2018. Firstly, there will be deployment of two Electric self driving cars equipped with sensors and cameras near Yokohama Nissan headquarters.

The vehicle’s location will be monitored from a call center. The company have an aim to prepare a fully functional fleet of these Amazing cars by 2020s and we are eagerly waiting for it to be introduced worldwide. 

Nissan’s robotaxi services are named as “Easy Ride”.

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