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What Do You Think About This Shocking Discovery In Deep Space By NASA ?


We have been ruling over Planet Earth for like so many years as Dominating Life Force. Ever considered that there may be some other planets just like earth ?

Well recently, Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope have discovered something very interesting   about an Exoplanet System which shows similarities as Earth like.

The Exoplanet System is called TRAPPIST- 1 !


Some points about to why this system may hold key to human space colonisation in near future :

  • Chances of Water being found is HIGH !

    In TRAPPIST -1 system some exoplanets reside over into the habitable Green zone around it’s star. So, the possibility of water is likely high in this case.

  • It’s 40 Light Years away from Earth.

    The Journey seems so Long but still it’s nearer than other Kepler systems with promising Life supporting Planets.

  • It has been estimated that there might be water on the seven planets orbiting in the nearby TRAPPIST-1 planetary system.

    Some more Water [Life] supporting planets !

  • Three Planets within the Habitable Zone of the star.

    Three Planets ? This system might be interesting to stumble upon in near Future.[Obviously]

  •  Ultraviolet Radiation ????

    Theory exists that there may be possibility of Gigantic amount of water loss in the inner planets during the span of 8 billion years in the TRAPPIST-1 system. Which seems bad !

  • TRAPPIST-1 became the first planetary system to contain the maximum number of Earth sized planets.


Are We Going There ?

Hard but not Impossible ! 

We might hold a key in the future but as of now we have no means of way to get there unharmed as transportation plays a key role here due to huge amount of Distance.

The Exoplanet System holds key element as water but still Scientist are unsure if it can hold Water in future also as the observed amount of ultraviolet radiation emitted by TRAPPIST-1 suggests that the planets could have lost very big amounts of water over the course of their history.

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Planet b and c have received largest amount of Ultraviolet Radiation. Which suggest that inner most planets are more vulnerable and unsafe. While Life may flourish in the outer most planets with surety. 

Where Water There is Life or Alien Life !

Alien life might be existing there if we are talking about water. However, we are also not sure about the Life being flourished there or not. If yes then do they hold any intelligence ?

Image Source : Google Images

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