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How To Move Apps From Phone Storage To SD Card ? [Guide]


Storage is usually an issue with most Entry-Level Android smartphones.Especially 16 gb Variants because generally the base storage in most Android-powered smartphones is usually 32GB. This often restricts the number of apps a user can download on his phone. Here, one way is to transfer some of the apps to an SD card. Also remember that you cannot transfer all apps to an SD card and many Android phones does not support this feature.

Note: The apps which requires continuous sync should be avoided because they might disappear when you eject SD card. Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

Let’s start with the basic steps to move apps from phone storage to SD card :

Step 1: Head over to the Apps management tab in the Settings menu on your android mobile.Here you will find listed all the apps that are installed in your phone. Selecting one of the apps will take you into the individual app settings.

Step 2: Once inside individual apps settings you will see “Move To SD Card” option. Click on it !

Step 3: Wait for it until the process is complete. This should be a few seconds and not too long.

Step 4: Once the app is moved to your SD card, you can unmount it from the settings and cross check to see if the app is still in the menu.

In case you want to move the app back to the internal storage, you can mount the SD card, and head over back to the settings menu.
In place “Move to SD card”, the app will show the option of “Move to phone storage”.

Use SD Card as an Internal Storage !

If your device doesn’t support moving apps to a microSD card there’s another choice, initial introduced in androidmarshmallow, which will be the solution for you. This feature is termed adoptable or Flex Storage, and it permits you to format a microSD card to act like added internal storage. Again, not all devices with a microSD slot can support this feature: Motorola, HTC, Huawei and NVIDIA have all chosen to alter Flex Storage, whereas Samsung and LG have to be compelled to date removed it.
There are some factors to think about before sanctioning this feature. you’ll need the fastest microSD card that you simply will realize to make sure sleek performance.

Without wasting anymore time let’s hop on to it:

  • Navigate to the Settings Menu on your Application drawer.
  • Select on Storage.
  • Select your SD Card.
  • Tap the overflow menu button resembling three dots on the right upper corner of your screen.
  • Select Storage Settings.
  • Click on Format as Internal.
  • Tap Erase & Format : Take your important backups in some other media storage devices. System will notify you if your SD Card is too slow or not as in form of a Warning message. Ignore it ! 
  • Tap Move Now : The system will indicate how much data it will move to your SD Card, Thus initiating the transfer from phone internal storage. Congratulations !
  • Tap Done : The system will use your SD Card as an internal storage in future and you can use it effectively.

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