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Giant ROBOT BATTLE between US and JAPAN is just finally happening


Just change your schedules, folks, as the long awaited most fascinating giant MegaBots robo battle between the US and Japan is finally going to take place next week. The battle which will change history.

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In 2015, Boston-based MegaBots Inc. issues a challenge to Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries . The firm accepted the challenge but insisted the bout be contested in a hand-to-hand fashion i.e., basically no projectiles. MegaBots agreed but needed some time to crowdfund the money to upgrade its machine to meet the new rules.

The fight will take place on October 17th, 2017 at 10:00 PM ET. It will be streamed worldwide on “TWICH”. If you miss the live stream, you can catch it on YouTube and Facebook immediately after the event concludes.

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The 16-foot-tall, 12-ton MegaBots Eagle Prime robot was built a team of American engineers, while Kuratas, a 13-footer that weighs 6.5 tons, was built by the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries. And now they will do battle for our enjoyment; the question is, who will reign supreme?

Using Kickstarter, Megabots crowdfunded $500,000 to upgrade its robot so it could throw punches and absorb heavy hits from the Japanese Kuratas.

While this clash of titans promises to be entertaining, Megabots isn’t planning for this to be a one-off event. Rather, they envision such robotic clashes as being a futuristic sport.

It’s more of a publicity stunt and will likely be overflowing with special effects and editing. That said, at its core, you’ve still got two towering mechs on display and that’ll no doubt attract some interest.

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