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*Shocking* Indian Government Going To Introduce It’s Own CryptoCurrency ?


Will You Accept Indian CryptoCurrency as an alternative to Bitcoin ?

We are in the era of Internet where everything is done online. Playing,Ordering,Paying even sometimes people pay for those things which are of no use and because of which demand for cyber money has Increased dramatically.

Well Good News for india as the Indian Government is considering that there should be Indian Cryptocurrency !

They might name it as ” Lakshmi ” as in the name of Goddess of Wealth called Lakshmi Devi, seems Creative and Legit. 

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RBI Executive Director Sudarshan Sen said “Right now, we have a group of people who are looking at fiat cryptocurrencies. As regards to non-fiat crypto currencies like Bitcoins, I think we are not comfortable with them

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) actually wants to safeguard all it’s Indian Bitcoin Users as the Alert for Ransomeware are increasing in the world. They think that Bitcoin Transactions are somewhat less secure and which could possibly have a very devastating results.

Bitcoin Status

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