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Honda’s New Self Balancing Bike : Seems like 2017 is much closer to the Future !


Honda is truly incredible in terms of their bikes. This time they have shown that they can also keep up with some competition !


In the company’s Global debut at CES, Honda unveiled it’s new Riding Assist technology to create a self-balancing robotic assistance and fully automated software that will prevent bike from falling over either sides while on rest.



The will follow eventually follow it’s owner when rider is on foot and riding the bike. The main purpose of introducing this type of Self – Assistive Technology is to give relief to elderly people who wants to ride their vehicle with safety and easily.


These type of automatic self – balancing bikes usually uses gyroscope to level the balance but as it can make bike to put on large amount of weight so, here Honda have used minute steering inputs to keep the bike perfectly balanced.


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