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Meet HEXA : A Six-Legged Spider Robot !


HEXA: Programmable, Highly Maneuverable Robot

In this world of technology we are currently surrounded with the resources to generate an advanced mechanism but are not being able due to the lack of intellect. But here comes an extraordinary robot HEXA ! 

HEXA Robot is a spider like 6 legged machine that is so compact,agile and smart to fit perfectly in your backpack. HEXA has a high degree of maneuverability, to deliver versatility of movements and actions, and can nimbly handle different environments and terrains.

It includes an Infrared Also ! 

Sensors include: 720P camera with night vision; 3-axis accelerometer; distance measuring sensor; infrared transmitter.

Hexa uses a range of sensors to search out its means around, together with a camera and distance detector. You manage this larva Robot together with your phone, and it scales steps and uneven path with ease. you do not ought to manage individual legs to stagger up a step, either Hexa mechanically summits obstacles on that account easily.


Want HEXA ?

Hexa is anticipated to travel on presale for regarding $600 in an exceedingly Kickstarter campaign this month. Developers should purchase the mechanism currently for regarding $1,000 to trial run it, and its retail value is around $1,000 in 2018. Hexa has solely some applications, however Vincross is hoping developers can build apps, or what Vincross calls “skills,” says Xu, to form a billboard version expected in 2018.

Vincross opened its OS, the A.I.-powered Mind OS, to universities and AI labs across the globe. Vincross is looking it a “human mentor” program–it is craving for over 2,000 volunteers to jot down code for the mechanism so it will learn on its own.

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