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6 Essential Everyday Habits that may Harm your body


Here are some daily habits that does more damage then you realise :

  1.  Drinking more than 8 glasses of water daily: 

    Water is really important to our body. But excess water intake can result into obesity,digestion problems and skin problems.


2. Drinking only bottled water:

 Plastics may seem harmless outside but not when it goes into your tummy. Bottled water isn’t that healthy. It does not contain fluoride , deficiency of which can cause tooth decay. Instead drink cooler water.


3. Sleeping more on weekends: 

Well who would avoid extra sleep ? Sleeping less is a problem but sleeping more also isn’t that healthy. An average person should sleep at least 8-9 hours only not less or more than that. Sleeping more on weekends will disturb your sleep patterns and cause huge risk to your health.


4. Excess Exercise: 

Exercise is important to shape up your body. But body needs to relax it’s muscles so just stop doing exercise more vigorously it can cause cardiovascular stress.


5. Having too many nutrients supplements:

Most of us don’t face any major nutrients deficiency problem yet we eat up vitamins tablets daily which can pose serious health risks.


6. Brushing teeth more than twice a day: 

Everyone likes their teeth to shine and healthy . But do not overdo caring for your teeth. Brushing more times in a single day will scrub away your tooth enamel and as a result it will be weakened.


So , follow your daily routine but do keep in mind that Doing things in excess is also not good. Stay Healthy !

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