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Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Good or Bad ?


Artificial  Intelligence right now is defined as something which will be made in future  and ultimately replace humans (us) . You often have heard about JARVIS in everyone’s favourite IRON MAN movies , well this A.I is somewhat basically the same . In many movies it is shown that because of A.I many humans lose their lives and it often depicted as villain , but what if those movies become absolute truth in future ? yes there are lots of reason why A.I is cool and can be very useful but it has enough influence even the past that is so scary to imagine that what if these machine had independent mind of its own , then it would be disastrous and here by independent mind i meant ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE . So, to end this post i have picked some of the most successful advancement in Artificial Intelligence sector .

  1. NASA upgraded Curiosity with computer vision, letting it choose interesting rocks on its own.


2. MIT Develops A.I. That Can Predict Seconds Into the Future by feeding over two million videos into its two-pronged deep-learning system.Future is more nearer than we thought isn’t it ?


3. Google’s Deep Dream The software is designed to detect faces and other patterns in images, with the aim of automatically classifying images. It literally Dreams just like us (hehe). Below is the picture that is showing three men in the pool by DeepDream.


4. Apple’s Siri how can it not be on the list , Siri is a computer program that works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator . It is one of the most advance software to be used in iPhone.


5. Google Brain Project – started in 2011 , one of google’s most successful project that further added in making of google X . It was meant to focus on deep learning and currently used in Google + photos and video recommendation in youtube . Yes that’s right all those videos were recommended by A.I in your phone all the time .


6. Holmes is a cognitive computing system developed by the Indian technology corporation Wipro and announced in 2016. It is used mainly for digital virtual agents, predictive systems, cognitive process automation, visual computing applications, knowledge virtualization, robotics and drones. Check it out here !

Have a nice day and Future also !


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