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Anti Depression and Stress Relief Guide


Depression is basically a state(mood) of mind where we overthink about one topic repeatedly again and again without being calm and think properly. There are many types and kind of depression but we will sum up them into two types only : 1. High level  and 2. low level depression.


1. High level Depression : It is very dangerous if not taken proper care and people consultancy. High amounts of Depression is mostly found in Students whether College or school, Many Students every year lose their hope and attempt suicides. I mean what a waste of life opportunity (Every student reading this must remember you have no right to attempt suicide because every cell in your body has a name over it and that name is of your parent’s so you hold no right to end your life in this cowardly way).Depression is not only limited to students only many adults have also become its prey.

2. Low level Depression : This depression is low and not very dangerous and can be recovered easily unlike high level one. For example : tension of meeting someone new , some people find it uneasy to interact with new people and even hesitate to go out to new places. Now that’s bothersome and unnecessary. We experience this kind of depression everyday and every minute it’s just we are not aware of it.

And now you might be wondering what is Stress ?

Well stress is basically outcome of depression , the uneasiness and condition caused by depressed mind is called stress in a simple manner.Preventing or avoiding stress is not easy ,remember in this guide we will try to eliminate depression in the first place so that those stress won’t come the picture only.

So, that was all information about Depression and Stress.Now let’s concentration on ways to tackle it.

Steps to tackle Depression :

  1. Concentrate on other topic : you should know that when you are experiencing depression. So why not think about something else and be a rebel to not to follow same routine again and again. Think about the possibilities that make you depressed and change that topic into something else that make you happy.
  2. Deep breathing : Yes, this old word deep breathing is effective in stress relief. It relaxes your brain to think straight and cool it down.mzMo5.gif
  3. Play : Literally just play , even if someone thinks you are an idiot , let them be that way . You just do your thing, because sometimes you just need random thought to feed up your brain. Depression can also be caused by lack of activity as an example: Play games , outdoor games like baseball,cricket,football there are many out there just play it cool.
  4. Plan a holiday : going out for holidays is a great and refreshing way to relax. Book your flights or train bookings now and head to some different land of wonders.
  5. Exercise : Activities like this will burn out all your heat from the body and help you regain your consciousness back.4bef0662b8c818c3b67ef0c9d04eaf01.gifBut obviously not like this …….hehe !
  6. Be cheerfull : Do whatever makes you happy.
  7. Stop comparing yourself with others : I can understand this feeling of inner jealously , everyone has it and will be their till the end of time.I know it’s hard but control that because if you compare and find that they are superior , that can be very very demotivating , so just chill out.
  8. Find a people to share your thoughts : Find people who can really help you out of this situation not the demotivating ones.
  9. Fight bullies and jokers around you : Just keep your distance from these clowns as they are the one which is causing you to take stress. Consult higher people to take action against them or just pull a gun and put it on their heads(just kidding ! don’t try that lol ).

m2p8iqww_yapfiles.ru.gif10. Laugh often : Laugh off every bit from your body , just laugh and laugh . Find more funny memes , jokes and anything but just laugh because your smile can make others to smile also.


11. Be more humorous : Check out comedy books,movies and tapes or videos that make you feel comfortable.

12. Remove this word “SUICIDE” from your head : Because this is not the time to die out yet , you got a responsibility to take care of.


Yes , Deal with it and Fight it !

Do share this article to as many people as you can , because a one step can change anyone’s future ! well you know exactly what i mean !

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Thats all for today guys ! Be Cool and Awesome !


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