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Android O : All You Need To Know


Android as we know today is going to be evolved or updated to a newer and much more advanced form this year. We haven’t heard from android since it’s latest update on 4th April 2017 about 3 months ago that fixed some major bugs in the system (Android Nougat 7.1.2). The monolithic o.s will be getting a fresh update to Android 8.0 after the developers confirmed it this year.

Almost 32% android smartphones are running on the old marshmallow version. With this new update Android has introduced  it will be concentrating on battery life, UI, Overall performance, and much more small changes that will have big impact on android users in a way to benefit them most. Google claims it’s made some other changes in the OS that will make Android more modular.

Although by using Android O while in it’s beta test, many users found it to be more powerful with smooth performance and also fast.

Forget Android Nougat because Android 8.0 is here already !

On June 8th 2017 during the latest developer preview 3 Google announced that Android O will be declared as Android 8.0 Officially. Both Pixel and Pixel XL series have received on Air updates already.

Android O is also having an Easter Egg in form of Octopus ! Also Android O was rumoured to be called as Android “Oreo” . We will confirm that later. Now let’s move on !

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.42.58 PM

Google released a developer version of Android O, and here are some of the best features and why you should actually care about it :

  • Battery Life :  Android O will be battery efficient by limiting the background memory usage from other multiple running apps that slow it down. Just like IOS , O will be targeting major battery performance improvement overtime.

    For example : In IOS, the background apps are completely passive once closed. So, in android it will not completely close the app but instead it will decrease it’s memory occupying space.

  • High Fi Bluetooth Audio : Your Android phone will now be able to wirelessly stream higher quality audio. Obviously, to hear audio or record your smartphone’s hardware will have to be good but with this new update you don’t need to worry about the software optimisation on the audio part.

  • Display : Although this part won’t much matter to you but the changes in the display output will be improved drastically with High end smartphones. (Just imagine your selfie in all colours)

  • Secured and improved Auto-Fill : Yes , remember that google auto fill or keychain that stores all your passwords and will automatically fill suitable blanks for you only need to click login. With Android O they have improved in that field very nicely.

  • Improved Security : 2017 was the year of ransomware viruses, bugs, and many system exploitations. So, this time Google is very much concerned about it’s new Android O and is working very hard to secure every loop hole or exploitation that might be possible to break into this new system OS.

  • Clever Notification Panel : Ever faced problems while managing your notifications overloading on screens one by one. This will be completely changed in O as it will be clever enough to ask user to set their apps priority while reading notifications.

  • Customize Lock screen : Yes, now you can customise your lock screen with different shortcuts while sliding.

  • Bye Bye Bugs : Android O will be Bugs free after it has finalised it’s developers API schemes.

  • TensorFlow Lite : for improved apps with machine learning integration.


Good News !

A Major Feature –  No need to Free up Space for Updates              14-800x369

Google has completely removed “Insufficient Space” or “Storage space is running out” error by introducing “Streaming Updates !”.

Apart from all the functionalities, One major update is that in Android O, there will be no need to free up any spaces for it’s future updates. Yes ! the problem of “Storage space is running out ” is gone completely in Android O.

When you get “out of space” error message during an update, you’re only “out of space” on the user storage partition, which is just being used as a temporary download location. Starting with Android O, the A/B system partition setup is being upgraded with a “streaming updates” feature. Updation data will arrive from the Internet directly to the offline system partition, written block by block, in a ready-to-boot state. Instead of needing ~1GB of free space, Google will be bypassing user storage almost entirely, needing only ~100KB worth of free space for some metadata.

When will be Final Android 8.0 available ?

Android O is still Developing as of the latest Developer preview 4 but the final version will be available to Google Nexus, Pixel and XL series only.

It is expected to be released in it’s Final version somewhere around September 2017.

Don’t be sad, you can also get Android O in it’s Beta preview form.

Now that the second Android developer preview is available, Google has launched an official Android O beta. It’s really easy to install — you don’t need to go through command lines or the Android SDK — by following a brief set of instructions. It’s also pretty easy to opt out if you want to go back to Nougat.

Should i install Android O developer preview?

Yes, it’s Safe !

Now that the fourth Android O Developer Preview is releasing, and the third public beta, the build is considered a Release Candidate, and is safe to use for everyday activities. Developers can expect a stable release of Android O Beta. Stay tuned !

Will my Smartphone get Official Upgrade ?

Probably yes, considering if you bought your smartphone in 2017. But we are not sure of 2016 models, Samsung will surely be introduced with Android O and also The Android O developer preview is available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

What is “O” in Android O ?

Android O is given name as “Android Oreo” Officially.

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