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High Speed 5G Phones To Be Available By 2019 ?


5G Mobile Network is the next generation of mobile network, and is currently under developmental stage. After 4G it will be the fastest Internet network service offered to world.

Will 5G Be Able To Make Impact Considering The Condition Of 4G Network Around The World ?

Well to be sure of no one knows exactly how people will react to it’s launch because right now there is still large portions of world where not even yet 4G is available let alone 5G only.

So Why 5G is such An Important Buzz ?

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance defines the following requirements that a 5G standard should fulfil :

  • Data rates of tens of megabits per second for tens of thousands of users
  • Data rates of 100 megabits per second for metropolitan areas5g Comp
  • 1 Gb per second simultaneously to many workers on the same office floor
  • Several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections for wireless sensors
  • Spectral efficiency significantly enhanced compared to 4G
  • Coverage improved
  • Signalling efficiency enhanced
  • Latency reduced significantly compared to LTE.

Qualcom CEO

According to Qualcomm , 2019 may be the year when 5G – enabled phones finally hit the market.

There is a rising demand of fast network speed around the world and which is what pushing the industry to accelerate the progress towards High Speed technology as said by Steven Mollenkopf, CEO of leading chipmaker Qualcomm.

He also said that the first wave of 5G enabled smartphones will be available in Korea, Japan, China and the United States.

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