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3D Printable Synthetic Muscle Can Lift 1000 Times Its Own Weight !



We as a human being are capable of possessing power through our muscles. We would be nothing if it weren’t for our muscles. Until now we were unable to mimic this gift. But Now we have found a way to make a fully functional Synthetic Muscle capable of doing extraordinary things. 

It’s 3D Printed !

Scientists have developed 3D – printable synthetic soft muscle, that can push, pull, bend, twist, and lift 1,000 times its own weight, giving a new feature to life like robots.

Wont Require High Voltages !

This one-of-a-kind artificial active tissue with intrinsic expansion ability does not require an external compressor or high voltage equipment. The material used has a strain density that is 15 times larger than natural muscle.

“We have been making great strides towards making robot minds, but robot bodies are still primitive,” said Hod Lipson, professor at Columbia University in the US.

This could be very useful Discovery as in future we may need to replace some part of our body through 3D Printing and also robotic body can be made just like humans !

“This is a big piece of the puzzle and, like biology, the new actuator can be shaped and reshaped a thousand ways. We have overcome one of the final barriers to making lifelike robots,” Lipson further added. 

“Our soft functional material may serve as robust soft muscle, possibly revolutionising the way that soft robotic solutions are engineered today. It can push, pull, bend, twist, and lift weight,” said Aslan Miriyev, a postdoctoral researcher a Columbia University.
“It is the closest artificial material equivalent we have to a natural muscle,” Miriyev said.
Previously no material has been capable of functioning as a soft muscle due to an inability to exhibit the desired properties of high actuation stress and high strain.
The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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